Slaughterhouse-19 from Indianapolis, Indiana formed in 2012 and support the NASL team Indy Eleven.  This independent supporters’ group describes themselves as being “inspired in part by F.C .St. Pauli’s supporters and Gorilla F.C.” Accordingly, Slaughterhouse-19 is “rooted in the values of the punk and the hardcore community” much like the aforementioned groups that inspire their identity and culture. These diehards fans stand by their values and openly express: “We believe in the equality of all people. We believe in our city. We believe in our team.”

Slaughterhouse-19 Leadership member Peter shared his groups’ history and culture by filling out our Supporters’ Group Survey.
What’s the story behind your group’s name?
We are named after the [author] Kurt Vonnegut ‘s novel of a similar name. He’s from Indy.
What makes Slaughterhouse-19 unique?
Community involvement, we support not only our club but our city. I honestly feel like we represent the younger generation in our city that will shape it for years to come. Also, we came out of Indy’s punk and hardcore scenes. So that DIY mentality has helped define our SG.
Editor’s Note: Check out the news clip below to find out about Slaughterhouse-19’s project, #IndyIsForEveryone, which raised $3,000 to purchase Indy Eleven season tickets for local immigrants and refugees.
Does your group have any rivalries? 
Fuck the Cosmos.

What is the most memorable moment in your team’s history?
It has to be when we won the 2016 Spring Championship with a 4-1 win that allowed us to top the table after the third tie-breaker.
Anything else you would like to share about Slaughterhouse-19?
We wear a lot of black, so nothing really changes in the stadium either.
How can people contact your group?
Twitter and Instagram @sh19indy
Editor’s Second Note: Listen to Slaughterhouse-19’s chants via their SoundCloud Profile.